Dalit Freedom Now and Forever

Dalit Freedom Now and Forever

Joseph D‘souza
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Autor: Joseph D‘souza
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Dalit Freedom Now and Forever

The term Dalit is an ancient Marathi (West Indian language) word that may be defined as "ground" or "broken to pieces." It refers to people who have been broken, or ground down by those above them in a deliberate and active way. Dalits usually refer to the portion of the population falling outside of the Indian caste society; those who are traditionally known as the "outcastes," or, "untouchables." In many ways, India's Dalits are the supreme victims of human civilization. For over 3,000 years, spiritual, physical, social, economic, cultural, and political dehumanization. There are few days in India when the newspapers do not report atrocities against the Dalits. This book powerfully narrates recent development in India and the complex challenges facing the Indian Church and other faith communities as a result. It tells why Indian Christians have been targeted by the casteist Hindutva forces. It shows how Jesus is critically important to the Dalit Freedom movement.

2005, 246 stran

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